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I need a windows 7 professional product key..please help
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  1. Buy a legal one, they come with product keys included.
  2. if you have lost your windows key for some reason

    you can go to microsoft's website and they might be able to send it to you or you will have to buy a key directly from them

    or if
  3. freud wari said:
    I need a windows 7 professional product key..please help

    You can purchase one Here.

    If however you are asking for an illegal key or instructions on how to obtain one, you will probably be banned.
    Discussion of pirated and bootleg software is not permitted on this forum.

    If you are desperate for an operating system but do not have any money to spend, look into a free Linux distro such as Ubuntu.
  4. Have a free VLK on me, guaranteed never to be blocked by Microsoft.

  5. LOL nice.

    or try this one...

    do you thik he actually tried it?
  6. Mine is tastier:
  7. Never ceases to amaze me how many people 'lose' their software keys. Or the key is rubbed off on laptops.
  8. Edit the registry.
  9. TheImpact said:
    Edit the registry.

    Won't help for a new installation...
  10. Herr_Koos said:
    Won't help for a new installation...

    It will if you trick the OS into thinking it is an upgrade and not a fresh install. Both are essentially the same. I have done this numerous times with windows 7.

    I supose worst case you could call windows and ask for a key, they will probably just give you a working one.
  11. as i said just google it and it will work fine for OP's needs
  12. juggar said:
    as i said just google it and it will work fine for OP's needs

    Perhaps, but you are still breaking the TOS.

    Violations - It violates the Tom's Hardware Rules of Conduct if you engage in any of the following activity:
    Post, promote or distribute any content that is illegal.
    Promote or encourage activity which is illegal, such as hacking, cracking, scamming.
  13. Ok, so, this program hacks the regestiry to make it think that it is a legitimate OEM instillation.
    Hacking the regestiry in this manner it is most defiantly considered hacking.
    And not paying for the OEM Product key that should be present with this type of instillation it is considered stealing.
    Stealing most defiantly is illegal and both of the above are reasons you are currently breaking the TOS of Tom's by posting about it.

    Enjoy your ban!
  14. enjoy my ban with my dynamic IP address. Yeah right.... Anyway I have bought a retail copy of windows 7 ulti for 15 dollars at my university. Yes thats how much they charge. Now I have paid Microsoft for there product so I expect to use it whenever the hell I want irregardless of product keys. Other people feel the same way, thus the REDACTED - SS software being developed. If OP has bought windows at one time then I expect he feels the same way.
  15. Buying one (1) license key legealy alows you to install Windows on one (1) computer, irregardless of how much you payed for it.
    On this one (1) computer you can use said license key and have no need for that program.

    Every further computer you install Windows on and crack is an illegal copy.
    Each illegal copy you have installed is essentially a stolen product, as you have not payed for the license.

    As you are apparently in university I am assuming you are a reasonably intelligent gent/gal and can connect the two synapses in your brain to understand this concept.
  16. I understand the concept, but some people are not as moral as some such as yourself. It all depends on a persons morals. some people feel differently about things than others. And in this case of REDACTED - SS we disagree. I have owned many windows 7 OEM licenses from computers I have bought and I still have them but they are not ultimate or 64 bit so to me I feel that I have paid my dues. But for other people, I cannot speak.
  17. Mmmm, "purchased" vs "licensed", funny how people don't care about or notice the difference that makes the 2nd one so much more restrictive than the first.
  18. i dont understand why people are botherd about having 2 or more windows running pc's when they live on there own?

    linux is a much better alternative for a second pc esecially seeing as it has lower requirements and is better for things like servers and the like

    (better is not necisarrily easier to use)
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